Inviduals scalping in the Forex Market

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There are several individuals that act in the Forex market, the traders are usually divided into two groups:

The first one in composed by the hedgers account that represent less than the 5%, consists on business and other kind of organizations competing in the international trade. Their main aim is to diminish or neutralize the currency fluctuations’ impact by using different market tools.

The other percentage (95%) is composed by the speculators account, the private companies and individuals, the public organizations and banks. Their purpose is to get profit from the fluctuations in the exchange of currencies, ought to that the Forex market can enjoy its liquidity.

Talking about the individuals acting in the Forex market we also have to mention the market makers. Almost all the deals are made by traders (mention above) and market makers in conjunction.

The market makers are the counter part to the clients, they don’t operate as trustee intermediaries. They perform their clients’ hedging according to their policy that covers different guidelines and agreements. The commonest examples are banks or trading platforms, they don’t represent the client as an intermediary, but use their money for buying and selling financial instruments. They don’t have a fluid relationship with their clients and they usually manage all the positions as a whole, detecting interesting movements and acting for all their clients at the same time.

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    How does an automated forex trading system work?

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