Midnight setup strategy for Forex Scalping

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If you are awake and available for trading the Forex Market at midnight this strategy can makes you win. Pay attention to the following details!

This strategy is based in the principle that it’s very difficult to find same size candles for 2 consecutive days on a daily chart. The main fact that it’s going to influence us from this conclusion is that prices are moving steady either up or down without producing “noise”, an element always present on smaller time frames.


The entrance hour should be at the 00:00 according to your local time or according to your trading platform. In this moment, the daily candle is newly formed and you will be able to find the highest and lowest price of the day for the previous daily bar.

If the price bar (including shadows) is less than 90 pips long we recommend not to open new trades the next day (this is a requirement for GBP/USD pair, but can be changed for other currency pairs).

If you suddenly discover that the previous day bar becomes an Inside bar you should be careful with entries the following day. While an Inside bar candle gives a good breakout opportunity the following day, it can also be a dual whipsaw breakout, the most unwanted scenario for Forex Scalping.

If anyways you decide to trade the next day you will be depending on the candle of the day before so, establish a Buy Stop order at the top (the highest price +5 pips) and a Sell stop order at the bottom (-5 pips). Over the time you will be able to adjust these additional pips s and stops depending on the currency pair you are trading with.


You should exit once that one of the orders is filled. At midnight with the new daily candle open, adjust your orders and stops according to the previous daily candle, following the same routine; keep on scalping the market until you raise +100 pips, then you can close current and enjoy the benefits of a well done job because your profits will arrive soon.

You should quickly close your current open positions (with either profit or loss) in two different cases: first of all if a daily candle becomes a Doji candle (or it’s about to become). The second occasion in which you should close your trades is if you met a Shooting Star candlestick in an uptrend or a Hammer candlestick in a downtrend.

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